21 icons


21 ICONS Season II

For those of you who may be new to the project, 21 ICONS is a visual celebration of the lives of men and women who have shaped the world around them for the better. Inspired by the life of Nelson Mandela, it tells the stories of people who have continued his legacy – whose lives have made the world a better place. The project seeks to celebrate those who have achieved success and widespread recognition, as well as individuals whose work has been conducted without prior acclaim.

A unique concept, the project combines fine-art portraits, short films, behind the scenes photography, written narrative and a feature length documentary. The hope was to capture in an immersive manner the lives of the people it features. This meant striving for intimacy during the portrait shoots and interviews, to ensure that the charm, humility and sincerity of South Africa’s most remarkable people came through.


Nikon in South Africa proudly supports the 21 ICONS project and Adrian Steirn on this journey of discovering authentic South African champions,” says Stefan van der Walt, Chairman of The Premium Group. “At Nikon we believe in capturing not only memories and moments but the enduring stories which shape the future. By supporting a project like this, we aspire to motivate the youth of South Africa to take charge of their own narratives that make up tomorrow.

Adrian Steirn has made a concerted effort to protect wildlife and help disadvantage communities across the world. Steirn is celebrated for his unique ability to present the true narrative of his subjects with contrasting texture and definitive compositions. His images are stories that weave into the mind of the viewer and remain as vivid as the composition itself,

Some of the incredible people 21Icons Season II have featured are: former Constitutional Court judge Albie Sachs, respected South African multi-instrumentalist, jazz musician and producer; Pops Mohamed , former South African rugby captain Francois Pienaar and

Frene Ginwala, former Speaker at the National Assembly.


21 Icons season II is broadcast on Sundays at 8.27pm on SABC3 and available to watch on: