A happy Ambassador


Johan Pretorius is loving the Nikon D750 and has decided to share his thoughts and amazing images with us:

“I have been using the Nikon D750 in my studio for the last 6 weeks and I am so surprised as this was the first camera that I have been using in over 25 years that was not the top end pro body and I have to say that it is winner. I got it as a back up camera and started testing it and yet have to let go of it. The image quality is first class and I have made some prints 1.5 meters big and all I can say in “Wow” I am in love with camera and well done to the engineers of Nikon for producing yet another big winner. Trust me you will love this camera. As a working pro I cannot see that there is one job that this little monster can’t handle.”

Below are a few shots that he took with the D750

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