Black and white photography with Nikon


For the month of March we have been focusing on the art of black and white photography.

We asked a few of our photographers to share their tips and tricks on how to take the perfect black and white shot.


Seagram pearce_facebookBlack and white is a style of photography that lets you simplify your images. It allows you to  focus more on your subject matter and lighting. There are no colour tones to worry about;  it’s a playground for shapes and light/dark tones.

To create dramatic black and white images don’t neglect paying attention to your shadows  just as much as your light. The one can’t live without the other! Not to mention there is a certain classic beauty to great black and white photography, something we should all try every now & then. Seagram Pearce Photography






Gavin Kleinschmidt_facebook

My tip for shooting black and white is to light the shot in a way that gives you nice contrast between your shadows and highlights. Gavin Kleinschmidt

Micheal lewis_facebook