Brendon Wainright on the New Nikon D7200


We recently gave Cape Town photographer and adventure junkie Brendon Wainright the ‪‎Nikon ‪D7200 to explore with, here are some of his thoughts on the new D7200.

I’m a bit of an adrenaline junky, with Table Mountain and Lion’s Head being my playground. My main focus in photography is landscape and wildlife. I generally shoot before sunrise or after last light. It was initially my mother with her film and video camera that got me interested in photography. Thankfully, technology has progressed tremendously since then.


I go on many ‘night explorations’, With the Nikon D7200’s extra two steps of low-light performance, I was capable of four times as much light with a native ISO of 25600, this camera operates exceptionally well with high ISO and eliminating noise when light is low or poor. This advantage took away any risk of compromising the quality of my photos. I also found the weather seal to be a very useful feature, as it prevents any dust from entering the camera.


My favourite function of the D7200 definitely has to be the built in Wi-Fi.

I love sharing my adventures with family, friends and viewers on the fly. There’s no need to wait for a convenient time to do so, as you’re able to do it right there and then! I can do NEF / RAW edit processing in-camera export to JPEG and transfer directly to my mobile. This advanced technology amazed me, as I am used to the lengthy, old fashioned way that can take hours, depending on my situation and location.


The increased buffer rate helped me capture multiple burst shots with ease, always allowing me to choose the best shot of the bunch. When shooting long exposures and utilizing “Long exp. NR”, the render is very quick and efficient. This allows me to shoot and capture more, without having to wait.


The D7200 is a fantastic camera, which I would highly recommend for videographers, people who pursue time-lapse photography and anyone who would like to take their photography to the next level. This camera is hands down a winner!







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