Nikon news v1


Nikon: What were your first impressions of this camera?

Craig: The camera feels great, the new deeper grip is very comfortable and the placement of the buttons allows quick access to functions.

The camera also has 2 SD card slots, when I’m shooting I use two 32 GB Lexar SD cards, you select what slot is used for video or stills, I mostly use both for stills with slot 2 as the overflow for when card 1 fills up, It saves me from having to change cards allot while shooting.

Nikon:  Do you find that the built in Wi-Fi is beneficial to your daily workflow?

Craig: Yes, with the last couple of shoots for Red Bull we have been loading images to iPad or an iPhone as we shoot and share the content as we go. On the Salomon SkyRun race I did the same on the race day, while I had gaps in the race I loaded images and when in an area with signal sent images out on social media.


_DSC8033         _DSC8036

Nikon:  Did you find the new tilting display useful?

Craig: The tilting display for video work is great, especially when you are filming at a weird angle and can’t usually see your screen.

Nikon:  How do you find the video capability and performance?

Craig: The video features are awesome. I have filmed a couple of days so far with the D750 and from what I have seen I’m very happy, I am excited about using it on a big project in January.

Nikon:  How did you find the low light capabilities of the D750?

Craig: At the Salomon SkyRun we had very bad weather with rain and dark skies, I try not to shoot with flash so it’s important that low light functions are good, On this day with bad weather I only used the D750 and was well impressed at how it handled the low light, I still managed to pick up a lot of detail.


_DSC1968       _DSC2392 

Nikon: How did find the new separate video and camera menus?

Craig: Separate menus are great and easy to get use to. This allows you to change settings very quickly while shooting. Once you know all the functions it’s very easy and quick to change any setting on the move.

Nikon: Who, in your opinion, would benefit most from using this camera? 

Craig: I think this camera will appeal to a big audience, it’s very versatile and has all the video and stills functions you need as a Pro or a weekend photographer. Once you use the camera you will love it.