2. Shannon Wild Savuti Airport, Botswana1. How have your experiences shaped your thinking and your photography?
Every new experience shapes my work and my learning of not only photography and visualising but especially animal behaviour, intuition and interpretation, key elements to being a good wildlife photographer and doing justice to my subjects.


2. Where do you see your photography going?
Video.  I’ve already transitioned into filming as a natural progression and it should be no surprise to people with the exponential increase of video content on social media especially.  Camera manufacturers have also acknowledged this transition with the inclusion of increasing quality video functions on DSLRs.


3. Who has been an inspiration in your life and to your photography?
There are countless individuals, businesses and creative works that have inspired me over the course of my life and certainly well before I ever picked up a camera.  Those that conduct their lives with integrity and leave a positive legacy really inspire me and what I aspire to.  Those that have doubted me or criticised me have also influenced me to try harder, to keep going and push on.  Turn those negative comments or experiences into positive fuel.


4. What are your key lessons for a successful photography business?
Passion and perseverance. Without question both of those elements are needed to genuinely succeed in this incredibly challenging line of work. A willingness to learn about business and the administration associated with it is also important.  It’s easy to get caught up in the creative side but that does not equal good business.  Educate yourself on business practices and marketing.


5. Who is on your top women-photographers-to-watch list?


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