I am behind the lens – Heinrich Knoetze on the Nikon D750


As a beginner in the photography industry, having only worked with the Nikon D3200 and D5500 prior to the D750, you can imagine my excitement when I got to review the new D750.

Firstly the Nikon D750 is a 24mp Full-frame DSLR. It comes with a CMOS sensor coupled with an AA filter – in Nikon language, this is FX. It features a fast 6.5 fps continuous shutter with a better 51 points AF system. This allows the camera to focus quicker. Also allowing a quicker frame burst to capture fast moving subjects.

The vari- angle  3.2 inch LCD (1229k dot) screen is very useful when you have to shoot high or low angles. This was especially useful on my recent trip to the Piketberg region to go shoot the stars as I used a small low tripod.


The D750 has built-in Wi-Fi that allows you to instantly share photos online. This feature is a pleasure for me as I am an avid Instagrammer @Instaguyct  and is extremely useful as I can access my images and download them straight to my phone. I can edit and post on my various social media spaces. Also on that note, when you are connected to the Wi-Fi via the Nikon App you can control your camera trigger as a remote control. I tested this at a distance of 10m for both and it worked really well.

The lens I used whilst using the D750 was the Nikkor 24-120mm F4. It  was extremely sharp and worked so well in every condition from day to low light, sunsets and full on night photography. I even did a little model shoot and that’s where the 55 focus points of the D750 came into its own.

I love night photography and long exposures. I did a few tests with High ISO settings and at 12800 ISO shooting the stars for 15 seconds with F4, I was amazed at how little noise there was on my images.

10I did a sunrise shoot and my tripod was too low for the image I had in mind so I bumped up my ISO to 4000 and upped my speed to a comfortable 1/250s for hand help shooting and was impressed with the low noise image produced by the camera.

The body weight on the D750 (with battery only), is a mere 755g. and is extremely light. The D750 comes with the scene control for portrait, landscape, child, sports, close-up, night Portrait, night- Landscape, indoors, beach, sunset, dusk/Dawn, pets, candlelight, flowers, autumn colors & even for food.

Also to mention is the HD video recording capabilities. I did a few tests just playing around with the dogs in the backyard and with playback on my TV, I was impressed with the crystal clear quality of the videos.

The D750 is a  clever combo of magnesium alloy & engineering thermo-grade plastic really made both cameras stands apart from each other in the product line.

The D750 has a solid-built body, better handling feel and the handgrip on the D750 5is pretty awesome. In conclusion, the new Nikon D750 scores a lot more points with me. I must say that Nikon did a great job. I enjoy landscape and night photography, I found that the D750 performed well in all sectors.

So would I buy one? If I had the cash yes, please. Any colour as long as it’s a black one. -Heinrich Knoetze






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