New Nikkor 16-80mm F2.8 DX, 500mm FX and NIKKOR 600mm FX Lenses



The latest high-performance lens from Nikon combines both quality and versatility for DX-format users.

DX-format photography ascends to new heights with the new NIKKOR 16-80mm DX Lens, the world’s lightest 16-80mm DX-format lens with impressive optics features to enrich the photography experience. This marks the first NIKKOR DX-format lens to employ various class-leading NIKKOR technology usually found in super telephoto lenses, including Nano Crystal Coat. The delightfully compact NIKKOR 16-80mm DX Lens is a 5x normal zoom lens with f/2.8 aperture at the maximum wide-angle position, bringing together the best of functionality and compact packaging for street and travel photography aficionados.

The fluorine-coated NIKKOR 16-80mm DX Lens, a first in the range, is designed for DX-format users who desire speed, accuracy and superior image quality. A combination of three superior optical elements, the Nano Crystal Coat, aspherical lens, and Extra-low Dispersion (ED) lens elements, work in tandem for refined image quality with minimised ghosting and chromatic aberration. With a built-in Vibration Reduction (VR) providing an effect equivalent to a shutter speed 4.0 stops faster, and the first adoption of an electromagnetic aperture mechanism for resolute auto-exposure control in a DX-format lens, the NIKKOR 16-80mm DX Lens prompts high-performance and remarkable quality.

“Constantly evolving to meet the needs of professionals and amateurs alike, the extensive NIKKOR DX-range of lenses has always empowered photographers to explore their potential in producing beautiful images and videos. The NIKKOR 16-80mm DX Lens now takes this experience further in a package that’s smaller and lighter than ever with renowned NIKKOR optics and refined technology. From a built-in VR system and electromagnetic aperture mechanism, to a fluorine coating and Nano Crystal Coat, these features collectively yield the expected quality and durability to present the lens as a welcoming addition, especially for the Nikon D300 series and D7000 series photographers,” said Grant Norton, Head of Sales for Nikon in South Africa. “By establishing the new standard for everyday travel photography experiences, the NIKKOR 16-80mm DX Lens is set to be a new core essential in every photographer’s kit.” For more information:




Experience flawless telephoto performance with the new NIKKOR 500mm FX and NIKKOR 600mm FX Lenses

The new World’s Lightest 500mm and 600mm FX-format telephoto lenses are set to redefine the super-telephoto shooting experience as Nikon in South Africa introduced the new NIKKOR 500mm FX and NIKKOR 600mm FX Lenses today. With redefined optics and exceptional design, the NIKKOR 500mm FX lens with 500 mm focal length and the NIKKOR 600mm FX lens with a 600mm focal length fuel powerful yet precise image capture, be it on location in the rainforest and savannah, or even at the racing pit. Created in pure passion and by renowned NIKKOR technology, photographers can keep the adrenaline pumping with the lenses’ capability to produce powerful image and video creation.

“Backed by innovative NIKKOR engineering, both the NIKKOR 500mm FX and NIKKOR 600mm FX Lenses expand the potential of image creation, building on decades of supporting the best photographers in the field. These super-telephoto NIKKOR lenses are designed to deliver that familiar reliability and optical precision in a package that is significantly lighter in weight,” said Grant Norton, Head of Sales for Nikon in South Africa. “Superior autofocus tracking, Vibration Reduction with an effect equivalent to 4.0 stops, and fluorite lenses for reduced weight and improved performance are just some of the features of these new lenses. Each element of the lenses seeks to aid photographers in their telephoto capture of sports, action and nature at its finest.”

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