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The 80th anniversary of the NIKKOR brand continues with the addition of new contents to its global branding site, ( As part of the global NIKKOR branding project, the website introduces and highlights the renowned history and technology of the lenses made for interchangeable-lens cameras around the world. The website now includes a NIKKOR Motion Gallery, comprised of two videos to introduce new possibilities of imaging using NIKKOR lenses, and the first in a series of interviews with lens designers. The commencing interview, “Volume 1: What do designers think, and how do they create lenses?” provides an industrial-leading insight into optical technology.


NIKKOR Motion Gallery

The gallery introduces new possibilities for video imaging with NIKKOR lenses. Top artists in a variety of genres have come together to expand the world of video imaging with a completely new genre made possible only with the combination of NIKKOR lenses and Nikon cameras.


  • “HOPE” – Video by augment5 Inc.

“HOPE” expresses the characteristics of beauty and strength that humans share with a video of individuals around the world: a craftsman who works quietly amidst the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, a woman who works in a tea plantation that forms a part of Sri Lanka’s great natural beauty, a fisherman born and raised in a small Norwegian harbor town, and a young dancer who dreams of success in New York. The team spent almost three weeks filming the ordinary, everyday lives of these individuals, and discovered the importance of, and value in, simply living life.


  • “TOKYO DENSE FOG” – Video by visual design studio, WOW

The video reveals the face of Tokyo through a dense fog and the dispersion of light. Capturing the many faces of Tokyo in a day, the end-result is transformed into a poetic and dreamy landscape swallowed up by a completely white world accompanied with light scattered by countless drops of water floating in the air.