P900 Review with Sabi Sabi


Nikon Coolpix P900 review

The Nikon Coolpix P900 is a fun and easy to use everyday camera, especially for beginners who want to capture great photographic images. With a wide range of settings, the camera can be used for any type of photography, as It allows for a greater wide angle and extreme zoom.

Let’s look at the main features of the camera


The P900 has the largest zoom in its class with an 83x Optical zoom lens (24mm-2000mm equivalent in 35mm format) and a great image stabilization system for zooming. This really allows you to get up close to the object that you are shooting.

Pic 5 - Mike L - P900 - Squirrel final

















This tree squirrel image was taken at roughly 30 to 35 meters away. With such a small subject it can be difficult to focus at that distance but all thanks to the extreme zoom and spot metering focus of the P900, it is easy to do!

Image quality

An impressive 16.1 megapixel sensor ensures not only sharp image quality, but also ensures rich full colours.

Pic 6 - Mike L - P900 - Hippo final

Pic 7 - Mike L - P900 - Hippo-2 final











These hippo and oxpecker images were taken at about 15 meters away, resulting in a superior sharpness. With the camera’s quick frame rate, I was able to catch the birds taking off, escaping the splash created by the hippo’s ear.

One must always remember the more you zoom, the more the quality of the image drops, but with the P900 the quality remains perfect. This is demonstarted in the below image where the cub was playing a bit of, “you can’t see me” as it peaked around mom every few seconds.

Pic 9 - Mike L - P900 - Lbc cub-2 final


















With a Full HD 1080/60p video, you are guaranteed a good quality recording. When zooming during the recording, the auto focus reacted in good time and also created minimal zoom noise in the footage. You are able to navigate efficiently as the record button is easily positioned and you are able to start recording after capturing a photograph without moving the frame.

Vari-angle TFT LCD monitor

I must say one of my favourite features on the P900 is the vari-angle screen!

A three-inch LCD monitor on the camera allows you to view your images while shooting, ensuring that you are capturing the perfect image and using the correct settings. The Vari-angle monitor allows you to angle the screen in many different ways, allowing you to capture that difficult angle without hesitation.

These elephant photos were taken by hanging my hand out of my vehicle, just beneath my door and with the screen faced up, I could still focus on my subject and capture the shot.

Pic 10 - Mike L - P900 - Ellie low_ final

Pic 11 - Mike L - P900 - Ellie low_-2 final










I was also privileged to capture this spectacular moment where an impala, two zebra and a large elephant bull took a sip of water at the same time and a lower angle was again possible thanks to the vari-angle screen.

Pic 12 - Mike L - P900 - Ellie impala zebra low_ final

















The vari-angle screen along with the self-timer, up to ten seconds, ensures that a group photo can easily have all members in it. Best of all, the setup of the camera is easy even with a very low angled shot thanks to the vari-angle screen.

For this photo I set the camera to a ten second timer with the flash on. The P900 flash works well with close up subjects, but does maintain its power up to 11.5 meters.

Pic 13 - Mike L - P900 - Guests final

















Good to know camera information

Firstly, I must say the battery life is great for a day of snapping away! I got about 345 shots before a recharge was necessary. This is perfect for those who will not be spending hours photographing a particular subject and a secondary battery can always be purchased.

The camera only weighs 916g, including the battery! The bulkiness of the camera is justifiable as this feature allows for a great zoom!

The P900 has an impressive ISO range on 100-6400 you can keep snapping even in lowlight conditions.

I was amazed with the P900’s pro-level aperture of f/2.8 at a wide angle and a respectable f/6.5 at extreme telephoto range. This comes with a great shutter speed range of 15-1/4000!

With that being said, the P900 is very capable of capturing some creative shots.

by Michael Laubscher at Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve