Picture Perfect Pets with Emma O’Brien

Don’t you just love it when your pets make those cute faces and wish you could take that perfect shot?

Emma O’Brien has given us a few tips so that we can make sure all our pet shots look as good as hers…
“When you’re photographing animals, especially dogs, it’s best to get down to the same level as them so they can look directly into the camera, it makes for a more striking portrait.  The best way to get an animal’s attention so that they look at you, is to make high pitched squeaky noises – you can cheat by using an app on your phone for this – it works like a charm! Food is also is a great way to get an animal to look at you (I’ve found it also works for small children too!). I like to have someone to help me when I’m photographing animals because it’s very difficult to position and get them to sit still and take a photo, so always have a helper.”

Picture perfect pet with Emma