How to use the Smart Portrait System in your Nikon COOLPIX camera


The Smart Portrait System in your COOLPIX combines a series of automatic functions that make taking perfect portraits as easy as pushing a button.


Face-Priority AF

Automatically activated when you select Portrait mode, Face-Priority AF detects a person’s face at typical portrait-taking distances, then adjusts autofocus to focus on the face. So, even if the subject then moves, or if you recompose, the point of focus stays on that face. If you have two or three people in the scene, Face-Priority AF will simply focus on the closest subject.

Red-eye Fix

Automatically checks for redeye in the captured image and corrects it before saving the image to memory, so when you see the saved picture on the screen, it’s already redeye-free.

Skin Softening

Uses built-in face-detection technology to render smooth facial skin tones, with three different adjustment levels so you can get exactly the flattering results you (and your subjects!) are after.

Smile Mode

Automatically fires the shutter when the selected subject smiles.

Blink Warning

Displays a warning message when it detects that the subject blinked as the photo was taken, allowing you to immediately reshoot – which means you don’t miss the chance of a second stab at a great shot by having to waste time checking the first photo on your screen.

Blink Proof

In this mode your COOLPIX detects the face of a portrait subject and automatically takes two sequential shots when they smile, then saves the image in which the subject’s eyes are open.


When set, D-Lighting rescues underexposed images or shots taken with excessive backlight by adding light and detail where it’s missing, while leaving correctly exposed areas alone, to give a well exposed, natural-looking image overall. After D-Lighting is applied, the modified image is saved to the memory card, leaving the original untouched.