Street Photography tip by Alexioso


“Johannesburg streets can be menacing, but treat people with respect. You also need to be street smart,and be careful, a brief careless moment can be dangerous.

Street photography can also be uncomfortable, you cannot be afraid of confrontation and being rejected. Keep pushing and testing your limits. There is a great quote I like to follow: “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasures you seek” – Joseph Campbell.

I always ask permission before shooting someone in the city BUT some of the best street photographers say that it’s easier to say sorry than ask for permission, so read the situation. There have been times that I have asked permission and destroyed the moment, but times where asking permission got me an incredible shot.

I also find shooting with friends is the best way to shoot the Joburg streets and my favorite time to shoot is between 04h30 am and 06h00 am. The best thing about owning a camera is it forces you outside your house to meet people, gain new experiences and teaches you about yourself.”