A Quick guide to using the Fn (function) button

Customise your shooting experience at the touch of a button with the Fn (function) button.You can set up your Nikon DSLR so your favourite setting is selectable simply by pressing the Fn button – usually located on the front of the DSLR. Depending on your camera model, you may have the option to set up other customisable buttons for even more versatility.

Assigning the Fn function

This is a very straightforward procedure:
1. Go into the Custom Setting Menu.
2. Select Controls and Assign Fn Button.

3. Select Press to bring up a menu of the different roles and functions that can be assigned to the Fn button.

4. Choose your setting and press OK.
5. That function will be now be implemented whenever you press the Fn button – and, of course, you can update your choice at any time.
There are many different options you can assign to the Fn button, including:
  • AE/AF lock – locks focus and exposure
  • Flash off – prevents the flash from firing
  • Viewfinder Grid Display – turns the framing grid on and off
  • Viewfinder Virtual Horizon – displays a virtual horizon to help ensure your camera is level
  • Playback – useful for situations where it’s tricky to operate the playback button with your left hand
  • Bracketing burst – firing a sequence of shots using the bracketing program you’ve already preset
  • Metering – your choice of matrix, centre-weighted or spot-metering

The Fn button and command dials

The Fn button can additionally be used in conjunction with the command dials to create shortcuts for further functions such as Choose Aperture, Active D-Lighting, HDR and Choose Image Area. To do this, in step 3 (above), select Press + Command Dials, then make your choice from the options menu shown. You then access your chosen function by keeping the Fn button depressed while rotating the indicated command dial.

Using My Menu with the Fn button

You can also use the Fn button to access My Menu – a shortcut to multiple settings that you frequently use.

1. Choose the My Menu icon in Menu and select Add Items.

2. Select the sub-menu which contains the option you want to add.

3. Highlight your desired option and press OK – it will now be shown in My Menu.
4. Continue to add options from the different sub-menus in the same way (you’ll see that options you have already selected are ticked).
5. When you’ve chosen all your options, you can then reorder the list so the settings you’ll use the most are at the top: choose Rank Items, click on the one you want to move then use the up/down arrows to move it to the required position. Repeat with the other items as necessary.
Now simply follow the assign Fn function procedure as before.Check your camera’s user manual for more details of Fn (function) options.
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