claire-thomson-profile1. How have your experiences shaped your thinking and your photography?
I had always thought that my lack of attention to finer detail and my fast paced character were things that I had to “work” on yet these are my biggest strengths now because I find I work with clients who prefer a more natural, in the moment approach as well as not feeling uncomfortable while posing for hours on end but rather catching the magic and moving on while having a good laugh on the way. I see now more than ever, the importance of not over creating or manufacturing life and the images we take because there is a magic in just “being” which we fail to notice sometimes.

2. Where do you see your photography going?
We are relocating to London in 2019 and I am bursting with excitement at the idea of all the wonderful weddings that I will have the chance to shoot in some of the worlds most beautiful locations.  I am excited for the challenge and so looking forward to some new influences and networks!

3. Who has been an inspiration in your life and to your photography?
Being a photographer in Cape Town has been the most life giving and expanding experience because every single photographer I have had the chance of connecting with has inspired me and had a hand in my growth in some way.
I think we are very lucky to have such an open and nurturing photography industry here in Cape Town and everyone has an open door policy. Most of the photographers I have met through work or networking have become close friends. You really do need a support system as a creative and I have been so incredibly blessed with this here.

4. What are your key lessons for a successful photography business?
Never stop creating and playing! It’s very easy to become stale when you charge money for your passion because at some point you stop playing and creating. This is the most important part of staying ahead of your game and constantly evolving as a creative.
As image makers, we are the dreamers and magic-makers of the world, don’t ever let that dissipate.

5. Who is on your top women-photographers-to-watch list?
Lauren Pretorius, Nina Buys & Carien from Sweet Bloom Photography for sure!


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