Women’s Month Feature: Dune Kahlau

  1. 1-PortraitHow have your experiences shaped your thinking and your photography?
    I have experienced photography as a full-time job as one crazy rollercoaster ride. What an adventure! Photography is an art and a skill, the more you practice to better you get at it. My experience has taught me to not take criticism personally, to have fun and to focus on the storytelling element in my photographs.
  1. Where do you see your photography going?
    Being an adventure seeker, I see my photography taking me all around the world to do beautiful destination weddings. It would be such an honor to do cover shoots for Vogue and Harpers Bazar one day. On my photography bucket list is to do a portrait shoot of Obama, Richard Branson and Meryl Streep. I have so many photography dreams and I’m super excited to see what the future holds. The sky is the limit, right?
  1. Who has been an inspiration in your life and to your photography?
    My mom has definitely been the biggest inspiration in my life and my photography. My mom (Elizabeth Olivier-Kahlau) was also a wedding photographer, she won so many awards, traveled all around the globe for weddings and done all the celebs weddings in her time. Big shoes to fill! She is my mentor and my best friend.
  1. What are your key lessons for a successful photography business?
    Some of my key lessons for a successful photography business would be patience in yourself and the journey, don’t compare yourself to other photographers, educate yourself as much a possible, get an awesome mentor, practice all the time, have fun and keep being original.
  1. Who is on your top women-photographers-to-watch list?
    Although I am a wedding photographer, my nr.1 woman photographer to watch is Annie Leibovitz. I just love this woman! Her work is absolutely fantastic, I follow her work closely. What an incredibly talented woman!

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