Women’s Month Feature: Zuzi Seoka


hi im zuzi1. How have your experiences shaped your thinking and your photography?

I talk a lot, ask those that know me. I think my mom sometimes wishes that I had a mute button but this has become one of my strengths because I’m able to relate to people easily. If you can’t make your subject feel comfortable with you and in front of your camera, it shows.


2. Where do you see your photography going?

Weddings are still my first love but I have been dabbling in other genres as well, in search of my voice as a photographer. I’m enjoying experimenting in studio and collaborating with other photographers. Ultimately, if I can do this until I can no longer lift a camera, then I’ll know I’ve been heading in the right direction.


3. Who has been an inspiration in your life and to your photography?

My mom because she is my biggest fan, she did a pretty good job of documenting my younger years and gave me my first camera. Also my circle of photographer friends who make this journey a little easier in an industry that has is yet to fully embrace the presence of the black female photographer.


4. What are your key lessons for a successful photography business?

Treat your business like a business; being an entrepreneur is hard but it’s worth it; everybody runs their own race at their own pace; comparison is the thief of joy and most importantly, don’t forget to create projects that feed your soul.


5. Who is on your top women-photographers-to-watch list?

Galerekwe Maimane and Yagazie Emezi because they document the spaces they occupy in a way that’s true to who they are, which is African.


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