How my love for photography grew – Lili Bo Ming


Berenice Abbott once said ‘Photography helps people to see’, and so my passion for photography began.
Being groomed by an award winning grandfather, my passion to see life on a scope grew. I wanted more.

Using my grandfather’s old digital camera, I was clueless with different brands and features on cameras, I was just excited to explore this toy that helped me observe and see extraordinary narratives of the things around me! In 2020 I was elated to be one of the few women nominated to join Lamppost Production in their first fellowship for Africa women photographers. Nikon sponsored us with a Z50, which is a ‘must get’ camera for videographers. Holding my compact Z50 for the first time was an unforgettable experience, I cannot unpack the amazing features that contributed to my growth as a photographer and videographer. My favorite feature was the different frame rates, I loved playing with the slow motion for a cinematic effect!

My journey took an unexpected turn when Nikon SA gave us the Nikon D750 with a 24mm-120mm lens. This was a dream come true. I was so geared to wake up and shoot incredible content. Though the pandemic stole our festivity, I did not give it a chance to steal my creativity. The full frame D750 has a bit more weight compared to the Z50 and it has amazing features that I love playing with. The zoom lens are my favorite as it gives me a lot of variety in my shots.

I am looking forward to discovering more features from my Nikon D750 camera and ‘helping more people to see through photography’.

Article & images by Lili Bo Ming