Lungisane Mjaji


When and how did your journey with Nikon begin?

In 2021, I began my photography journey at Tshwane University of Technology. During my first year, my teacher, Mrs. Manyantsa Monyamane, introduced me to Nikon cameras. I instantly fell in love
with Nikon because of their amazing quality and innovative features. This sparked a deep passion for the brand in me.


What’s the message that you always seek to convey in your work?

My work aims to convey hope, unity, love, and the belief that better days are coming if we smile and stay true to ourselves. Additionally, I want to highlight the beauty found in villages and rural life, celebrating the often-overlooked aspects of these communities.


In what ways has using Nikon contributed to your works?

Nikon has really improved my photography in many ways. Their cameras always give me clear and detailed pictures, making my work look sharp and precise. They offer lots of different lenses and accessories, which helps me take great photos in various styles. Nikon’s cameras work well in low light, which is important for tough situations and nighttime pictures. Nikon gear is strong and lasts a long time, so I can rely on it for professional work. They also have cool features like smart focusing and editing, which make my work better and easier. Nikon’s support is great too, so my gear stays in good shape. It’s a big part of my photography journey.


What do you think are the inspiring elements of storytelling in your works?

The inspiring elements of storytelling in my work are its uniqueness, truthfulness, and realism. I strive to capture authentic moments that resonate with people’s experiences and emotions. By
presenting the genuine beauty of life in South African villages and rural areas, I hope to inspire others to appreciate and connect with these places.

What inspired using your niece as the subject of the shoot?

My niece inspired me during my visits home during school breaks. The bond we share and the genuine joy and laughter we experience together while capturing these moments became the
driving force behind my photography. It all began with simple, everyday scenes like her playing with a cornflakes box and matching outfits. The positive reception of these candid shots on platforms like
TikTok motivated me to create more and share the beauty of these everyday moments with others.


How do you weave in the beautiful elements of South African culture into your work?

I weave elements of South African culture into my work by capturing traditional attire, cultural celebrations, landscapes, portraits, cultural traditions, historical sites, and street scenes. South Africa’s diverse cultural tapestry and stunning natural beauty provide endless opportunities to showcase and celebrate the country’s heritage. By doing so, I aim to connect people with the richness and diversity of South African culture.

What other projects are you working on currently that we can look forward to?

My current project, “My Footprint,” is an ongoing endeavor, but in the upcoming holidays, I will be working on a project titled “Dance of the Lost Tribe.” This project is inspired by young men in my village who come together to celebrate their culture and sing unique songs known only in our community. I draw inspiration from the music of Bun Xapa ( Andile Kato ), particularly his song “The Dance of the Lost Tribe,” which features familiar voices from our village.


What advice would you give to someone who is a budding creator?

My advice to a budding creator is straightforward but profound: Keep creating and be yourself. Avoid the trap of competition and instead focus on learning from others, finding inspiration, and respecting your fellow creators and the creative process. This approach will not only nurture your own creativity but also foster a more collaborative and supportive creative community.