My personal milestone with Nikon took place 10 years ago when I sat in a small waterhole in an attempt to get images of free ranging lions. I finally got the shot which led to a sold-out exhibit in London with National Geographic. This shot was literally a game changer for me and has lead to worldwide coverage across many different media platforms. This was the moment I became a professional. Here is the excerpt from my journal detailing the shot and attached is the National Geographic poster that was used to promote the exhibit. – Greg Du Toit





“Working as an automotive and commercial photographer, I often have very strict briefs on how I need to create a project that meets the client’s and ad agencies expectations of visual direction.

Like everything in life, you draw more personal pleasure from what you don’t “have” to do. For me, this portrait I took of The Tobacconist who had his store a stone throw from my studio in Cape Town; got me started on a really enjoyable personal series which is still ongoing. Often these portraits are of older people whose lives span twice or triple my own.

I enjoy working on this personal body of work so much, that even when I’m working internationally, I employ a local to help me find more characters for my series.Their beautiful characters seep out of their worn leathery hands and their age baked wrinkles. The portraits are always 100% natural light, so having my Nikon DSLR and superior Nikkor lense help me shoot in sometimes the most challenging locations.- Seagram Pearce Photography




My #NikkorMilestone came with the freedom I reached to trust my Nikon cameras and Nikkor lenses. They deliver sharp, crisp, clear images in minimal light with ISO settings that were previously regarded as impossible to use to obtain sellable images.

I know I can implicitly trust my gear to nail the shot that I envisage time and again, in light conditions that defy old-school photographic common sense. I need to maximise the opportunities I have when that crucial moment of wildlife behaviour occurs, and be confident that I capture the moment competently.

The intuitive setup of auto ISO while shooting in Manual mode gives me the peace of mind that I can choose my aperture and shutter speed based on the image design I have in mind, and the camera and lens will produce great results at whatever ISO it deems necessary given the available natural light. This photo of an elusive leopardess in Mana Pools was captured after sunset at an ISO setting of 7200. – Morkel Erasmus Photography




My #NikkorMilestone is when I started up Christine Meintjes Photography. Since the opening, I’ve shot close to 300 weddings and travelled to more than 10 countries. I have so many people to thank for helping me reach my goals, for all their support and for each and every client. This business definitely does not solely exist because of passion and hard work, but is kept alive by my close friends and family, everyone who encourages and supports me and every single client that books me. – Christine Meintjies