5 Essential Couples Photography Tips to Inspire Your Shoot


TIP 1: Understand Your Client’s Vision

A successful photo session starts with the first meeting and any follow-up consultations with your clients. You may provide images that your clients will adore and gain a deeper understanding of their vision through these talks. This final objective might help you determine what your clients are looking for.


Tip 2: Scout Locations

After deciding on a spot based on your client’s preferences and discussing any permission requirements, you’ll need to explore the area to locate the finest lighting, backgrounds, and perspectives. Among the list’s most crucial advice for couple photographers is this one.

It is best to arrive 30 to 60 minutes early on the day of the session to complete this, but you can also digitally inspect it using Google Earth or another comparable website or service.

When on site, a lot of photographers will scout out ten or more locations, each with a unique backdrop (albeit frequently identical ones), so they feel like they’re making the most of that particular spot. To spend more time shooting and less time moving around, you can, however, restrict it to two or three locations if you take your time and scout the “best” sites to meet your concept.

You can then work each location with innovative angles, stance changes, and other techniques. Use useful tools like Sun Surveyor, which will display the sun’s position based on your location at a certain moment, to assist you in planning for lighting.


Tip 3: Choose a Lighting Style

Before the day of the shoot, you should have determined which lighting style your clients are most interested in based on talk-throughs with them. Asking your clients to create a board of inspiration with a brief explanation of their favorite aspects of the images they’ve selected—such as the lighting, poses, attire, settings, etc.—is one method to do this.



Tip 3: Always Consider Composition

Observing composition “rules” will undoubtedly improve your pictures, regardless of the genre. Furthermore, composition can have a unique role in how your photographs are set up. on instance, you must include enough white space in the frame to accommodate the text on the card if you are taking a picture that will be used as a “Save the Date” invitation. When taking a picture, try to incorporate  many compositional strategies as you can (while still producing an amazing image).


Tip 4: Edit to Match the Style of the Shoot

The final, but certainly not least, piece of advice for couple photographers may seem obvious, but it’s important to remember that your editing approach should complement the overall look of the session.


Tip 5: Team Nikon

The next time you set up and take couples photographs, make sure to use above pointers, push your boundaries of creativity, and tag @_nikonsouthafrica when you post “Make sure you have your client’s permission before you do this.”.



















We hope that this compilation of relationship photography advice was useful to you