Michael Nobert Moyo


Q4: In what ways has using Nikon contributed to your work?

Nikon has made it possible for me to be able to capture beautiful, high-quality photographs of people. With their new mirrorless camera, I can carry it anywhere. Also it is easy to navigate, for anyone who is not a pro can still capture beautiful images.


Q5: What do you think are the inspiring elements of storytelling in your works?

For me, it is composition and perspective that convey my message. I use these elements to give people who view my story a feel of presence in one single image or a collection of images. l use natural lighting when photographing my image, and whether the sun is harsh or soft, it also helps in telling my story.


Q6: How do you weave in the beautiful South African culture elements into your work?

Because l am raised in the townships of South Africa l am exposed to most cultural practices that go on in South Africa this helps me be narrative and tell my stories .Through colors ,artwork and patterns


Q7: What other projects are you working on currently that we can look forward to?

Photography did not only contribute to my life as a hobby but also as a career, and so I will be getting opportunities to capture some creative portraits with artists and celebrities all around, getting to experiment on how I capture these portraits with lighting, etc ..

Also as a self taught creative l also have decided to pave into motion picture as a videographer s you will be seeing more video work on my feed.


Q8: What advice would you give to someone who is a budding creator?

It is all about how you practice and have patience with yourself. To understand photography, it takes a lot of practice, just photographing random things and being patient with yourself, understanding that you are learning and that you will only get better as time goes on. Eventually you will get it right and that does not mean you need to stop learning Continue to learn and practice more.