Neurosis by Lili Bo Ming


As storytellers, our motivation is to create a connection, and when we look at it from this perspective, we have the opportunity to use storytelling to create influence, affect change and move big ideas forward.

Nikon SA partnered with one of the @lampostluminaries, Lili Bo Ming – @flyinglotuseater, as she shares her vision for one of her latest projects, entitled Neurosis.

“Mental illness is a topic that is very close to my heart as my mother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and I have suffered from depression and anxiety as a child. I have a real compassion for people who suffer from mental illnesses and hope that this series will help friends, families and communities relate to these struggles and thereby solicit a connection and association.

For this shoot, I worked with people who have been personally affected by the illness because I wanted raw authenticity. I wanted to share these survivors’ perspective and personal experiences, and translate it into visual art.

The concept included carefully selected set-ups and lighting, chosen to powerfully portray the narrative. The images are intended not only to evoke emotion but to induce empathy, to let readers tap into the intangible aspect of understanding mental illness.

I believe that while knowledge and education are important channels to raise awareness, visual imagery is more relatable.

For all of us, let’s educate ourselves and others. Be conscious, understanding, and compassionate towards people suffering from mental issues. And remember to always empower, over shame”.

Article & images by Lili Bo Ming