Working with Light: Tulip Fever by Raquel Fernandes


‘Working with Light’ is totally an in-house and non-profit series which grants the creative team from African Photo Productions the opportunity to showcase their ability to create eye-catching photography editorials and specials for the sole purpose of marketing film projects.

They delve into the details of what makes a scene from a movie so iconic… this is where they collaborate with their partner professionals – the finest in every department, to create their vision and version of some noteworthy still images.

The art of modern filmmaking is the layering of many elements to create what appears to be authentic, however fantastical or removed in time the story may be.

The same is true of motion picture still photography. Our task is not only to capture frames that reflect the essence and spirit of a scene but also to bring other elements together in post-production to create the same level of enchantment and believability… whether it be replicating background characters through duplicate filming and compositing or creating a room within a room – as we have done in this series.

This is where the power and magic happens… in the polishing, the blending of layers, the grading of the final image.

Tulip Fever is another iconic film which we have chosen as inspiration in our series of images where motion picture still photography meets fashion. The entire series is produced by our team from African Photo Productions in collaboration with our partner professionals in the film industry.

CLICK HERE to download/view the Stills PDF showcasing some of the Tulip Fever images that were created.

CLICK HERE to download/view the “Making of Tulip Fever” PDF.

**This entire project was shot using a Nikon Z7 mirrorless camera and prime lenses. The photographer of this project is Raquel Fernandes.